Thursday, 5 November 2015


I wonder if I asked someone 3 years ago, would they recognise the name Balmain.  I highly doubt it.
Once, writing a paper on Paris Fashion week, I focused solely on the Spring 2009 Ready-to Wear collection that Christophe Decarnin produced for Balmain. Everyone loved it, but didn’t have a clue WHO I was on about. I mean, the collection had shoulders that could rival Grace Jones’, and embellishments that could rival Liberace’s bedroom but the designer wasn’t exactly as out there as his designs.
Fast forward a year and Decarnin has exited. A bittersweet goodbye as they always are. Sad to leave but excited to see what else awaits. Another article ensued from me, introducing the new boy, Olivier Rousteing.
An extract;
Balmain was the name on everyone’s lips this Fashion week. Due to the sudden departure of head designer Christophe Decarnin earlier this year, the fashion elite headed to the front row in crowds to see if new head boy – Olivier Rousteing could deliver as well as his former boss.
Clearly they had nothing to worry about; Balmain’s signature looks were sent down the Runway with the same sass factor as previous years.

I still agree wholeheartedly with the above, however at that time only. Which brings me to my third article on the subject, the one I am currently writing now.
Ask anyone now what they think of the Balmain brand they will name drop Kim Kardashian, The Jenner sisters, Kanye and bling. This is all well and good if your main push for buying Fashion is the celebrity endorsements, or the plain association.
I retweeted one Twitter user, who will remain anonymous, who claimed ‘Oliver Rousteing is just another annoying Fan Boy’. Harsh, but is it maybe a little true?
Think about the beginning of his career, Roustein was a baby faced, shy newcomer who showed his personality through his designs and runway productions. Now, he is more of a celebrity himself, and is always hanging with at least one of the new It crowd players, such as the Jenners, Hadids and the main boss - RiRi.

You could say it is all a little flashy.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t fault the guy. He has single-handedly taken the brand from a little bit known to commonly known. Balmain has went from the pages of Vogue, Wonderland and ID to US Weekly.
 No comment.
It just makes me wonder where Chris Decarnin is, and if he will ever grace us with the talents that made me and a good few take note and become followers. Long before all this clever, celeb, ass licking circus took place.